Merry Christmas! + Xmas Animation + Update

2012-12-25 15:00:30 by AnDrew19787

Hi everyone! Hope you all are having a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.
Time for some updates! (Thankfully not in video form amirite?)

First of all, I just uploaded a small Christmas short here on Newgrounds (last night actually but meh) so go and give that a vote!

The first movie I have worked on since I started my job in VFX has premiered a few weeks ago. Any of you Americans can watch it on the Syfy channel, the rest of you can watch online. It's called The 12 Disasters of Christmas (the movie's a bit cheesy I admit) and it plays on the 2012 phenomenon. Give it a watch if it interests you.

DLW5 is still in the works; its going very slowly though because I'm learning not to be so much of a perfectionist when I'm only in the rough stages (plus its like, a 10 min animation). However I can promise it will be even better than the previous episodes :)
The "story-matic" (storyboard + animatic) is about 50-60% finished if you want to know my progress, and hopefully the rest won't take as long.

I am also on the lookout for voices, particularly females. I'm not in any hurry but I'm just getting the word out here on NG. I know there are forums like Voice Acting Club that are better suited for this. I have some practice audition lines if anyone wants to try:

"You awn't gonna leave me awone 'ere are you?" D:
"Oooh! Shiny!" :D

"My my, what 's a kid like you doing here?" >;)
"Don't get me wrong. I'm only following you until I can regain my full powers."
"I'm afraid you're on your own here."
"Hehehe HAHAHAHA!" (insane)

Hyperactive/Full of energy/Positive Teen
(fairly fast) "No time to explain! Um, JUST DO WHAT I SAY OKAY?"
"Ohhhh I'm gonna kill you!"

Depressed/Low energy/Negative Teen
"Just leave me alone"
"I guess you... wouldn't be interested huh?"

Send your lines to AnDrew19787 Mail.
For guys, you can also send anything you like. I'm always open to hearing different voices. I still have characters (for future stories) who don't have a voice yet, guy or girl.
Obviously I will be looking around myself. I'm not very active on NG but I'm easing into it in every way.

In the near or far future I will be offering up commissions (I keep saying that XD).
I also started some tutorials sharing the little knowledge I know of things. You can find them in my YouTube playlist: Drewtorials

I think that's about it. Again, have a wonderful Christmas and cheers to a new year!

Merry Christmas! + Xmas Animation + Update


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2012-12-25 15:16:50

I would've probably audished, but since you want females, I'm not REALLY sure if I'd be able to pull it off. Ah well, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you anyway!

AnDrew19787 responds:

Well the main reason I chose females was actually because I've had girls asking to audition for LyDia/other girl parts surprisingly, so I put out general voice lines for them.
That said, I will put out general male lines in the near future. Happy Holidays! c:


2012-12-29 07:52:27

happy new year.

AnDrew19787 responds:

Happy Non-Apocalyptic New Year!


2012-12-29 23:48:02

I'd love to audition for a couple of them,
but i'm afraid I can't get an audition to you today, hopefully I can in the next few days.
Here is my (old) demo until then: inishedvoicereel

AnDrew19787 responds:

Oh you were Clepsy in Oddball! Nicely done X3
No worries, this is a general audition for anyone who's interested in VAing for stuff in the future (working on a big animation atm). You've got a great voice and I look forward to hearing your audition!