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This is a very nice piece of work. The ambiance was well done; without any dialogue and only sound effects to be heard (for the most part) this time around it put me on the edge of my seat as to what was gonna happen next, which could've been anything.

The whole mystery of this situation in comparison to Chapter 0 has unlocked some interesting theories that I and others can only guess until you reveal the truth. People suggest this could be a reset for example, or alternate dimension. This character resembles Skoot very much, and yet is it the same Skoot as Ch. 0? He seems like he just woke into this hell too. What if Ch. 0 was really like a dream and Ch. 1 is the start of another "dream" that takes place in this same hellish world and connects with the previous "dream?" Does falling asleep start a new "dream," or something else?

The animation has improved too, it's feeling more natural than the previous chapter. I was a little iffy about his flinching to his wound. I think his arms needed to do something (move away from the wound at least, even put a hand next to it).
Your backgrounds, like in WHOOKOS, are also well done. The lighting is pretty good, especially in that hallway with the lightbulb. Despite not having played the games still, I felt more Silent Hill vibe here.

As you said this animation does feel a little short. Even though you meant to keep the pacing faster, I think for this episode part you had more freedom to share with the viewers more of this world as that has been more the focus than the character. We're just sitting in the seat of his perspective, discovering this world along with him. The parts you cut out may not have needed to have been cut out then? The intro also seemed a little confusing including the sound effects but perhaps there'll be a reason for that?

In any case I'm looking forward to Pt. 2, but first will come Zelda UO 2 and WHOOKOS 2 both of which I'm also eager for their releases.

I agree with much of what nikedrummer33 said.

You took the risk of starting a Flash-animated anime series, and that isn't bad but you definitely will need to watch out for trolls and haters of anime who are too impatient to wait out the full story that you got started here. I for one prefer to judge a story as a whole.

This definitely feels like an ordinary anime scenario at the beginning, and you did a decent job of it. I've seen (and even made myself) worse anime attempts. However, take from what you have here and improve on it. Try drawing in more frames in your animation for smoothness, study movement and practice more character animation. Give this series some flavor; a uniqueness that shall only come from you. Anime memes are fine but sometimes overused, see if you can build from that.
Of course, do what feels natural to you too. These are merely suggestions I'm giving but if you're confident with what you have planned then go for it.

I will be looking forward to what's to come.

I must say, there is some major improvements made in here. And why wouldn't there be? It's a remake, where you can take what mistakes you made or things you didn't like in the old version and make them better, combined with all the knowledge and skills you have acquired since then (6 years in this case).

Backgrounds: Excellent (for YT's version obviously)
Voice Acting: Much better
Music: Great
Animation/Flash models: Much better

The extended script lets you ease into the character intros better. I can also see Link and Saria's running around as a training session a lot more now, so it was a good move to extend that scene especially. The motion blurred shots were a great touch too.

The only thing that actually bugs me is the inaccuracy between subtitles (which have a good OoT feel) and what the characters actually say. From what I can tell, voices are done absolutely last. I recommend saving the subtitles until after getting the voices, or at least update them.

Did I mention how much I like the menu screen? X3

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Love the song

The rhythm was perfectly in-sync with the notes and the song was especially catchy! I think if more songs were put in then players can experience a full-blown adventure.

Since the arrow keys were the controls I had a little trouble getting used to them. It may have been better to use 4 keys in a line like "J", "K", "L", and ";". There should also be a difficulty setting if more time was put into it. This game felt like more of a demo than a real game.


Call me stupid but I can't use the boomerang and I used every key and mouse button. The instructions need to be a little more thorough. Everything else is great. :)

Great game

I love the music and story!! I also especially like how the differences are....different each time I play the game.

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This is excellent fast-paced music, plus looking at Newgrounds' current background makes it sound even more awesome.

I can actually imagine this for a racing game too, particularly down some asian streets. Or any game where speed is an essential element. Either way, highly inspirational!

Sounds familiar...

I think I heard this melody from a song called Heart and Soul. I used to play this theme with my friends at school all the time in music class. I like how you arranged it though, interesting feel to it.

Great sound

I might just use this for my story specifically for water travel, since its got a great feel. It sounds like a loop with different transitions to the repeat, which makes it excellent background music. If i do use this, I'll let you know, but it probably won't be used for a long time.

KrawniK responds:

If you do, that would be nice :D


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