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AnDrew19787's News

Posted by AnDrew19787 - March 31st, 2021

Today is the 9th anniversary of DLW 4's release. I know this because that animation got massively overshadowed by April Fool's animations the next day xD

I thought I'd commemorate this day with some news about this seemingly-forgotten series: I'm ending it this year. DLW 5, the last episode, is to remain at 75% completion. I feel its been going on far too long and I'd like to just move on with other things. I need to focus on life and doing what makes me happy (and seriously upgrading my equipment).

I wish I could say this was an April Fool's joke, but it's not.

However, instead I put together a video that includes every episode plus everything I've completed so far in DLW 5 (the unfinished bits appear in storyboard form), plus a narration of events that happen between episodes that were told by other people participating, PLUS a new epilogue.

I was considering putting it on this site, but as one could tell from the past episodes, there's copyrighted music everywhere and I don't know if this site approves of that anymore. I don't wish for it to be a profited project -- it never could've been -- but you know DMCA laws these days on the internet have gotten harsher.

In any case, I hope that this'll leave me open for projects I can invest more in and work alongside other artists, but we'll see as it goes.

I go by AniDrewit on general social media now like Twitter, and stream regularly on Twitch, if you like to see more from me!


Posted by AnDrew19787 - May 20th, 2018

Hey Newgrounds, after all these years I'm still alive.... (Well I guess you'd know that from my rare art posts since my last journal post.)

I'm not really into long-winded life summary explanations lately so I'll probably keep it short.

Over 2016 I was starting to feel that compositing wasn't really for me since most of the jobs were in live action and I like cartoons. I moved back in with family so I could study 3D Animation online throughout 2017. Here's what I done create: 


Now I'm just figuring out my next move.

Regarding DLW5, I'm still at it. Progress rate same as usual, although I've been putting more effort in my animation and it's shows thanks to my course. I've posted WIPs occasionally on my Twitter where I'm more active: @AniDrewit

I've also started writing for my own original story that features the origins and main plot of all my characters like Drew and LyDia.

I've also occasionally been streaming art or games on Picarto and/or Twitch (for what applies) but I need some kind of schedule to keep me going. :/ Also been using my Instagram to upload art as well if that platform fancies you.

Picarto Twitch Instagram

Guess that's about it, thanks to anyone who still keeps tabs on me here!



Posted by AnDrew19787 - December 1st, 2015

Not a lot to recap IRL, but here goes..

Changed jobs, worked at an animation studio for the past 15 months, took an art break for most of 2015, met Redminus at Anime Revolution last summer... 

...aaaand now I present to you, based from the Australian graphic novel, The Deep! 

During my time working at said above animation studio, this is what I worked on for the past year! While I did not work on the trailer itself, I did a good chunk of the compositing work.

The show premiered at 7:30 am Australian time Monday morning and will continue to air every weekmorning same time on 7TWO, as for the rest of us they aim for a global release sometime in the new year! For updates you can check The Deep FB page and can also visit their website!


So as for DLW, it doesn't look like Chronicles may happen but I'm still chugging along with the final ep when time allows. I'm also brainstorming ideas about my own original works and getting some things down on paper, maybe even as art! Even though I took a break most of this year, I did pull up some pieces throughout.

Anyway that's all I got for now, see you probably in a couple years :'D

Posted by AnDrew19787 - April 20th, 2014

Wowza yowza, so much to write!

So a recap: I got laid off for 6 months, made a new reel, got my LyDia plushie, and went to cons. From there I found my own sense of spirituality, I caught up on Homestuck, got a new roommate, got a Drew plushie as well, more self-discovery like finding I have anxiety, learning to have fun with my work, getting my job back, getting a passport, and so on.

Now to talk about my series that barely anybody cares about. DLW5 is still going along, very slowly. I get little time to work on it at home but it's still progressing. As far as the progress, think about how there are 180 shots and I've only animated 20 and coloured/shaded/backgrounded like 10.

I should also point out that last April 1st was the 2-year anniversary that DLW4 was released OTL
One year just for writing and storyboarding!
I remember the date because unknowingly I submitted on one of the days that NG gets flooded with special day-themed animations on the front page and Daily Fives, so mine hardly got noticed even though it looks better than the first three eps (and this final ep beats them all).

In addition, here's something new. I'm going to be making a DLW: Chronicles thing that explains events outside of Drew and LyDia's story so people can be less confused as to what the fuck is going on. I'm not fully animating these, but I will make video(s) out of them. I'll probably combine them all into one on NG. It's all going to be slideshowish with subtitles. I might have VAs voice for them, if that happens I'll let people know in another update.
Basically these Chronicles are a remake of existing content made by other people, for not everybody who follows my work follows theirs as well and I wouldn't expect them to.
I'm doing this so I can hopefully keep more focus on DLW material and get it finished once and for all and have all this work not be for nothing.

Oh hey that wasn't a lot to write

Here's a nearly finished DLW5 screenshot to show progress too



Posted by AnDrew19787 - July 17th, 2013

Howdy peeps,

I just wanted to let you know what's been going on. Last May, the studio I work at finished our shots for the latest movie we worked on, called Independence Daysaster, which aired on June 27th on Syfy. Since then we've all been out of work for a while until we get stuff for the next movie.

During my "vacation," I decided to travel back to my parents' place to reduce living costs and also because I haven't seen them since Christmas. I took that time to rest from anything art and media related and relax, because I've been running short on motivation and inspiration. Also, my friend, Sharlotte created a plushie of LyDia for me (image at bottom) and it was sent while I was here. She does plushie commissions and a pretty good job at them too, so check her out if you're interested.

Upon my return, I edited a new demo reel. So you guys know what I do, here it is below:

Upon my discovery, instead of seemingly a month of "forced vacation" its actually turning into 3 or 4 months of no work, so I'm now looking for a new job. Luckily I made that reel in time eh? Aside from that, I have a huge number of things on my mind that I have to do so my personal work progress is continually going slow. However I'm trying to squeeze in time whenever I can to draw or animate so at least I don't get rusty.

Oh yeah, I'm attending a couple cons in Vancouver this summer: Cos & Effect and Anime Revolution. I'm not part of any Artist Alleys, but I'll be hanging around. If anyone is going as well, hit me up and maybe we'll meet in person!

That should be everything for now!

Not dead!

Posted by AnDrew19787 - April 26th, 2013

What's up boys and girls! Time for a little update.

So some of you may know about my inactivity, though I'm not really sure how many people actually keep track of my work or my posts since I'm not really that popular.

For you peeps who are new or forgot or whatev, I'll explain a bit about what's been happening in my life. 9 months ago I was hired at a VFX studio that currently works on TV movies for Syfy channel in the US. VFX or Visual Effects simply involves the creation and integration of CG elements into live action footage (or can be done for CG cartoons or games too). This is just my first step, and eventually I would like to transition to animation-type jobs (preferably for cartoons). This is me making a living too, plus I'm still adjusting to the new city. I'm a prafeshionallll

Now I come to DLW5. Believe when I say this is the most difficult project I've ever had to work on for many reasons.
For one thing, this entire thing is a 10 minute battle. Imagine trying to plan it all out; it's taken me exactly one year to do so (one year after DLW4 was released). The planning stages are the worst for me in the motivation department, but I'm finally glad I got it finished.
For another, I started this series mainly to up my skills in animation. However its hard to practice when the story isn't completely yours to control and it being not very good. There were many occasions where I considered giving it up, but in the screenwriting of this episode I've made it more important to my own stories and I would like to give people a bit of a preview to what I have up my sleeve. The other reason I don't wanna give this up is because the series is almost finished and it would kinda be waste for this series to go unfinished at this point.
Life and work also keep me from doing my own stuff now that my free time has been reduced severely.
I'm also having trouble focusing on doing it when I DO have time for it. It could be a serious problem.
Lastly, I'm trying to make this episode far better than the other ones. This episode is music-driven so it will match VERY well to the animation. I'm also taking things I've learned at work and trying to apply them here, so this episode will have a better look to it and I will incorporate some better VFX to it. I've also been getting taught some actual animation stuff and working on applying it even more to this episode, as well as practicing my drawing skills (which you can see the 'progress' in my art gallery) and finding new ways to speed up and organize my work. This episode may very well be in video format only considering Flash's limitations.

On top of all this, I'm developing stuff for my stories, which will sandwich DLW and become some kind of timeline. I'm restudying story structures, character development and refining my ideas, however once DLW is finished I will be doing this way more often and hopefully have some animations written for them.
Voice auditions are still open, though once I'm able to flesh out my story and characters better I can provide better parts for people to audition to.
(Thank you to those who did audition!)

Anyways, enough about this stuff. Just wanted to let you guys know I'm not dead. I'm working on some kind of schedule but it isn't easy when many new things come up.

Posted by AnDrew19787 - January 27th, 2013

Hello people of Newgrounds!

In this post I will be holding general voice auditions for people who are interested in any of my projects. What I mean by this is a way of getting a good idea of different voice types.

There is no rush, nor is there an immediate deadline. If there were then I would be more actively searching VA forums and such, but for now I'm just putting these out there. I've had a number of people asking to audition for me but until now I had nothing for them to audition for, so here ya go!

Female Characters

"You awn't gonna leave me awone 'ere are you?" D:
"Oooh! Shiny!" :D

Adult/Sexy/Insane [Mid-low range]
"My my, what's a kid like you doing here?" >;)
"Don't get me wrong. I'm only following you until I can regain my full powers."
"I'm afraid you're on your own here."
"Hehehe HAHAHAHA!" (insane)

--The following two voices are highly recommended to be auditioned together, as they are the same character.--

Hyperactive/Full of energy/Positive Teen [Mid-high range]
"No time to explain! Um, JUST DO WHAT I SAY OKAY?" (fairly fast)
"Ohhhh I'm gonna kill you!"

Depressed/Low energy/Negative Teen [Mid-high range]
"Just leave me alone"
"I guess you... wouldn't be interested huh?"

Dreamy/Head-in-the-clouds/Calm Young Adult [Mid range]
"We wish to this without a fuss."
"Oh, were you talking to me? Sorry I was lost in my thoughts." (sarcastic)
"If you don't do what I say then I'm afraid I'll have to make you do it!"

Cold/Emotionless Teen [Mid-high range]
"You'll get no sympathy from me..."
"Everything is frozen in time. No matter where you go, it will always be cold."
"It is not necessary to make such an effort, you will only waste your body heat."

Tough/Slightly Bitchy/"Tsundere"/Depressed Young Lady [Mid-low range]
"...it really doesn't matter to me. I've got nothing left in this world to live for."
"You rescued me? WHY?" (growing more emotional in tone)
"For what he's done to me, to all of us, I will make him pay!"

Male Characters

Cocky/In-your-face/Slightly Evil Young Adult [Mid-high range] (strong voice)
(cheerful) "Hello there! We're looking for a young red-haired girl! Have you seen her?"
(angry) "What did you just say, you punky brat?!"
(dramatic) "You shouldn't play with fire, because you're gonna get burned!!"

Robotic Teen (for this part I suggest randomizing your pitches in each line) [Any range]
"You're awake. How do you feel?"
"Although I may not sound like it, I have emotions just like a normal human."
"They considered me a failed experiment, but they didn't anticipate that I'd survive."

Mellow/... Young Man [Low range]
"He doesn't seem to be alive...."
"Do you think we should check it ou-............. I guess so."
"Stand back! We don't know what she could do!"
"Okay.......apparently I don't know what you could do either...."

Quiet/Monotone/Whispered/Intense Young Man [Mid-high range]
"It's AnDrew."
"We have to clear out of here, the whole place is going to disappear."
"If I can't attack you directly, then I'll just use.....THE WIND!!!"

Forward/Confident/Slightly Crazy Young Man [Mid-low range]
"Well there you are! I was afraid I had lost you for good!"
"We used to be best friends, but now......I can't stand you!"
"HAHA! You think you can hurt me? If you touch me directly, it will cost you dearly!"

Send your audition lines to AnDrew19787@gmail.com or send me a link to where I can download it like Soundcloud or Mediafire. Zip and Rar files are accepted.

== I apologise if these descriptions are too vague, these characters aren't fully developed just yet and these voice types are just a starting point. Once my characters are more developed I will post more details and give more guidance to the VAs!

Posted by AnDrew19787 - December 25th, 2012

Hi everyone! Hope you all are having a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.
Time for some updates! (Thankfully not in video form amirite?)

First of all, I just uploaded a small Christmas short here on Newgrounds (last night actually but meh) so go and give that a vote!

The first movie I have worked on since I started my job in VFX has premiered a few weeks ago. Any of you Americans can watch it on the Syfy channel, the rest of you can watch online. It's called The 12 Disasters of Christmas (the movie's a bit cheesy I admit) and it plays on the 2012 phenomenon. Give it a watch if it interests you.

DLW5 is still in the works; its going very slowly though because I'm learning not to be so much of a perfectionist when I'm only in the rough stages (plus its like, a 10 min animation). However I can promise it will be even better than the previous episodes :)
The "story-matic" (storyboard + animatic) is about 50-60% finished if you want to know my progress, and hopefully the rest won't take as long.

I am also on the lookout for voices, particularly females. I'm not in any hurry but I'm just getting the word out here on NG. I know there are forums like Voice Acting Club that are better suited for this. I have some practice audition lines if anyone wants to try:

"You awn't gonna leave me awone 'ere are you?" D:
"Oooh! Shiny!" :D

"My my, what 's a kid like you doing here?" >;)
"Don't get me wrong. I'm only following you until I can regain my full powers."
"I'm afraid you're on your own here."
"Hehehe HAHAHAHA!" (insane)

Hyperactive/Full of energy/Positive Teen
(fairly fast) "No time to explain! Um, JUST DO WHAT I SAY OKAY?"
"Ohhhh I'm gonna kill you!"

Depressed/Low energy/Negative Teen
"Just leave me alone"
"I guess you... wouldn't be interested huh?"

Send your lines to AnDrew19787 Mail.
For guys, you can also send anything you like. I'm always open to hearing different voices. I still have characters (for future stories) who don't have a voice yet, guy or girl.
Obviously I will be looking around myself. I'm not very active on NG but I'm easing into it in every way.

In the near or far future I will be offering up commissions (I keep saying that XD).
I also started some tutorials sharing the little knowledge I know of things. You can find them in my YouTube playlist: Drewtorials

I think that's about it. Again, have a wonderful Christmas and cheers to a new year!

Merry Christmas! + Xmas Animation + Update

Posted by AnDrew19787 - October 28th, 2012

Apologies for a long video of me blabbering, cookies to those who watch the whole thing! (I probably will not do another of these for a long time or ever).

Posted by AnDrew19787 - July 22nd, 2012

Hi everyone!

Some big news coming along on my end.

Over the past couple years I've been applying to Visual Effects (VFX) Studios in Vancouver since I graduated from a VFX school called Lost Boys Learning (or now called Lost Boys Studios: School of VFX). It was only recently when I had an interview with a studio I was recommended for that I got an internship offer there, with a guaranteed job there afterwards.

This means I will be moving out soon and have a completely different lifestyle than the one I'm having now, so progress on DLW5 and any other work will be put on hold for a while. For how long, I don't know. I may also be job-hopping between other studios since this kind of career isn't always long-term.

This is an exciting and nerve-wrecking part of my life, plus a sad part from saying my farewells to my coworkers from my previous job. XD I hope to get back working on my animations as soon as possible so stay tuned.

If you haven't already, have a look at my dA profile for more activity from me on art, news, possible Livestream sessions, whatever! :3

I also have a Facebook Page if any of you are interested in seeing any WIPs of artworks or something.

Life Changes