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2013-04-26 16:11:31 by AnDrew19787

What's up boys and girls! Time for a little update.

So some of you may know about my inactivity, though I'm not really sure how many people actually keep track of my work or my posts since I'm not really that popular.

For you peeps who are new or forgot or whatev, I'll explain a bit about what's been happening in my life. 9 months ago I was hired at a VFX studio that currently works on TV movies for Syfy channel in the US. VFX or Visual Effects simply involves the creation and integration of CG elements into live action footage (or can be done for CG cartoons or games too). This is just my first step, and eventually I would like to transition to animation-type jobs (preferably for cartoons). This is me making a living too, plus I'm still adjusting to the new city. I'm a prafeshionallll

Now I come to DLW5. Believe when I say this is the most difficult project I've ever had to work on for many reasons.
For one thing, this entire thing is a 10 minute battle. Imagine trying to plan it all out; it's taken me exactly one year to do so (one year after DLW4 was released). The planning stages are the worst for me in the motivation department, but I'm finally glad I got it finished.
For another, I started this series mainly to up my skills in animation. However its hard to practice when the story isn't completely yours to control and it being not very good. There were many occasions where I considered giving it up, but in the screenwriting of this episode I've made it more important to my own stories and I would like to give people a bit of a preview to what I have up my sleeve. The other reason I don't wanna give this up is because the series is almost finished and it would kinda be waste for this series to go unfinished at this point.
Life and work also keep me from doing my own stuff now that my free time has been reduced severely.
I'm also having trouble focusing on doing it when I DO have time for it. It could be a serious problem.
Lastly, I'm trying to make this episode far better than the other ones. This episode is music-driven so it will match VERY well to the animation. I'm also taking things I've learned at work and trying to apply them here, so this episode will have a better look to it and I will incorporate some better VFX to it. I've also been getting taught some actual animation stuff and working on applying it even more to this episode, as well as practicing my drawing skills (which you can see the 'progress' in my art gallery) and finding new ways to speed up and organize my work. This episode may very well be in video format only considering Flash's limitations.

On top of all this, I'm developing stuff for my stories, which will sandwich DLW and become some kind of timeline. I'm restudying story structures, character development and refining my ideas, however once DLW is finished I will be doing this way more often and hopefully have some animations written for them.
Voice auditions are still open, though once I'm able to flesh out my story and characters better I can provide better parts for people to audition to.
(Thank you to those who did audition!)

Anyways, enough about this stuff. Just wanted to let you guys know I'm not dead. I'm working on some kind of schedule but it isn't easy when many new things come up.


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2013-04-26 18:35:42

I have an update for you... My toenails a growing again

AnDrew19787 responds:

Tell me more!