General Audition Lines (Female AND Male)

2013-01-27 18:07:49 by AnDrew19787

Hello people of Newgrounds!

In this post I will be holding general voice auditions for people who are interested in any of my projects. What I mean by this is a way of getting a good idea of different voice types.

There is no rush, nor is there an immediate deadline. If there were then I would be more actively searching VA forums and such, but for now I'm just putting these out there. I've had a number of people asking to audition for me but until now I had nothing for them to audition for, so here ya go!

Female Characters

"You awn't gonna leave me awone 'ere are you?" D:
"Oooh! Shiny!" :D

Adult/Sexy/Insane [Mid-low range]
"My my, what's a kid like you doing here?" >;)
"Don't get me wrong. I'm only following you until I can regain my full powers."
"I'm afraid you're on your own here."
"Hehehe HAHAHAHA!" (insane)

--The following two voices are highly recommended to be auditioned together, as they are the same character.--

Hyperactive/Full of energy/Positive Teen [Mid-high range]
"No time to explain! Um, JUST DO WHAT I SAY OKAY?" (fairly fast)
"Ohhhh I'm gonna kill you!"

Depressed/Low energy/Negative Teen [Mid-high range]
"Just leave me alone"
"I guess you... wouldn't be interested huh?"

Dreamy/Head-in-the-clouds/Calm Young Adult [Mid range]
"We wish to this without a fuss."
"Oh, were you talking to me? Sorry I was lost in my thoughts." (sarcastic)
"If you don't do what I say then I'm afraid I'll have to make you do it!"

Cold/Emotionless Teen [Mid-high range]
"You'll get no sympathy from me..."
"Everything is frozen in time. No matter where you go, it will always be cold."
"It is not necessary to make such an effort, you will only waste your body heat."

Tough/Slightly Bitchy/"Tsundere"/Depressed Young Lady [Mid-low range]
" really doesn't matter to me. I've got nothing left in this world to live for."
"You rescued me? WHY?" (growing more emotional in tone)
"For what he's done to me, to all of us, I will make him pay!"

Male Characters

Cocky/In-your-face/Slightly Evil Young Adult [Mid-high range] (strong voice)
(cheerful) "Hello there! We're looking for a young red-haired girl! Have you seen her?"
(angry) "What did you just say, you punky brat?!"
(dramatic) "You shouldn't play with fire, because you're gonna get burned!!"

Robotic Teen (for this part I suggest randomizing your pitches in each line) [Any range]
"You're awake. How do you feel?"
"Although I may not sound like it, I have emotions just like a normal human."
"They considered me a failed experiment, but they didn't anticipate that I'd survive."

Mellow/... Young Man [Low range]
"He doesn't seem to be alive...."
"Do you think we should check it ou-............. I guess so."
"Stand back! We don't know what she could do!"
"Okay.......apparently I don't know what you could do either...."

Quiet/Monotone/Whispered/Intense Young Man [Mid-high range]
"It's AnDrew."
"We have to clear out of here, the whole place is going to disappear."
"If I can't attack you directly, then I'll just use.....THE WIND!!!"

Forward/Confident/Slightly Crazy Young Man [Mid-low range]
"Well there you are! I was afraid I had lost you for good!"
"We used to be best friends, but now......I can't stand you!"
"HAHA! You think you can hurt me? If you touch me directly, it will cost you dearly!"

Send your audition lines to or send me a link to where I can download it like Soundcloud or Mediafire. Zip and Rar files are accepted.

== I apologise if these descriptions are too vague, these characters aren't fully developed just yet and these voice types are just a starting point. Once my characters are more developed I will post more details and give more guidance to the VAs!


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2013-01-27 18:30:19

Interesting. I'll try and record something in a couple of days, if that's okay with you.

AnDrew19787 responds:

Whenever is most convenient for you!


2013-01-27 19:38:07

Will record tomorrow. Will be trying out one line for each part if that's cool.


2013-01-27 19:44:27

I'll record tomorrow!


2013-01-27 21:02:04

Might give it a shot


2013-01-27 21:31:58

I just E-mailed you some clips


2013-01-28 00:06:57

I just sent across my auditions. Let me know what you think and I would love to be a part of your projects!


2013-03-01 18:00:12

Are you still looking for people. I think that I'm interested.

AnDrew19787 responds:

I'm always looking for people, just not for any immediate project. You are more than welcome to try out!