Entry #21

Overdue Update 02

2015-12-01 01:41:40 by AnDrew19787

Not a lot to recap IRL, but here goes..

Changed jobs, worked at an animation studio for the past 15 months, took an art break for most of 2015, met Redminus at Anime Revolution last summer... 

...aaaand now I present to you, based from the Australian graphic novel, The Deep! 

During my time working at said above animation studio, this is what I worked on for the past year! While I did not work on the trailer itself, I did a good chunk of the compositing work.

The show premiered at 7:30 am Australian time Monday morning and will continue to air every weekmorning same time on 7TWO, as for the rest of us they aim for a global release sometime in the new year! For updates you can check The Deep FB page and can also visit their website!


So as for DLW, it doesn't look like Chronicles may happen but I'm still chugging along with the final ep when time allows. I'm also brainstorming ideas about my own original works and getting some things down on paper, maybe even as art! Even though I took a break most of this year, I did pull up some pieces throughout.

Anyway that's all I got for now, see you probably in a couple years :'D


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2015-12-02 03:42:09

see you in 2017 then...

you should post some art in a while :/

AnDrew19787 responds:

I plan to! I'm working on some new pieces and experimenting with new things so they take way longer, and I'm a harsh critic of my works so getting them to look right is very difficult lol


2015-12-10 18:08:06

aha, you do cool stuff!